The Dépôts Pétroliers de Fos company only perceives its economic development in a context that preserves the health and safety of its collaborators and stakeholders. Client satisfaction and protection of the environment are guiding principles of our daily business. These 3 pillars are the practical implementation of our SHEQ policy (Safety/Health, Environment, Quality). They are described in detail in the standards and reference documents that are known and shared by everyone (see the box below).
The other major feature of our policy is found in the ethical considerations that are recorded in our code of conduct.

Certifications we have obtained are guarantees relating to our management in terms of quality, environment, health and safety.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001


France - Agreement between Dépôts Pétroliers de Fos and Entrepôt de Lyon storage 
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