Performance is enhanced by protection of the environment
The heart of our business can only achieve a good level of performance if environmental protection is taken into account. Each new offer is carefully considered in light of our constant desire to reduce our environmental footprint. We are careful to avoid any pollution, whether of the air, the ground or the water. We give priority to recyclable materials and waste reduction in everything we do. Another doorway to development that we are closely considering is the importance to be given to renewable energies. By associating economic development and environmental protection, we are taking up a challenge that requires the investment of all our knowledge and experience.

Obtaining the 14001 standard accreditation is a testimony to our commitment to the environment, as it rewards the principle of continual improvement of our environmental performance, thanks to the control exerted over the impact of our activities.


France - Agreement between Dépôts Pétroliers de Fos and Entrepôt de Lyon storage 
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