Questions for the General Director of the Dépôts Pétroliers de Fos company.

What is the Dépôts Pétroliers de Fos company?
The Dépôts Pétroliers de Fos company (DPF S.A.) is a major operator in the field of the logistics and distribution of refined petroleum products to southern France, Switzerland and the western Mediterranean region. The company’s installations, which are connected to the wharfs at Marseille-Fos, allow the reception of massive volumes of incoming products.
Some products, like engine diesel, other forms of diesel, petrol, heating oil, heavy fuels, biofuels and para-petroleum products, are stored before they can be delivered.

What is DPF’s field of business?
DPF stores refined petroleum products for its clients and shareholders.
To this end, a number of means are made available for receiving products, storing them, and then distributing them further according to the needs and requests of our clients.
DPF also carries out “manufacturing” operations and «additive inputs» that can be used to improve the inherent qualities of the products.

What methods has DPF set up to distribute outgoing products?
DPF uses all available forms of transport, and gives priority to a multi-modal approach. The products travel by road, rail, sea, river and pipeline.

Who are your clients?
More than half of the French members of the Comité Professionnel du Pétrole (“Professional Petroleum Committee”) are among our main clients, both for incoming and outgoing transfers of products. The petroleum companies that were present when DPF was originally set up and the shareholders of the company all call upon our services, of course, but also large and medium-sized retail chains, traders and, finally, companies that sign a storage contract with us.

What is your development strategy?
Above all, DPF focuses on the aspects of its business that ensure its longevity, which are safety, quality and the reduction of its environmental impact. All our employees work with a high level of professionalism, and are aware of the need to continuously improve the company. Furthermore, DPF is committed to an approach that enhances its commercial advantages. As an example, the OEA certificate, which the company obtained at the end of January 2014, certifies that DPF complies with a number of requirements in the areas of customs regulations, safety and the security of export shipments. The other point that is closely tied to our development is linked to our efforts invested in protecting the environment, coupled with planning in the field of energy diversification.

How has DPF been adapting to changes in the demand for energy?
Over the 45 years of our existence, we have had to demonstrate our capacity to anticipate and adapt, whether to face up to regulatory evolutions, market shifts, the arrival of new operators or, of course, meeting requirements in terms of environmental protection.
For us, being reactive and innovative has become a second nature. This is the context in which we are undertaking to deal with changes in the demand for energy . DPF is already able to receive new fuels such as the ternary blends, biofuels and super ethanols. In addition, we recently obtained the ISCC certification, pertaining to traceability and sustainability of energy products.


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