The values of the Dépôts Pétroliers de Fos company form the basis for building our business day after day. They are born out of practical experience acquired in the field, and are shared by the staff team as a whole. They are interdependent and each value is equally important.

Our business has no room for approximations and carelessness.
In order to comply with our own high standards in terms of quality, safety and service to our clients, rigour is a integral part of each action carried out by every one of our employees and collaborators, whatever their role.

Within the company: with regard to the women and men who make us who we are, outside of the company: with regard to our partners, clients and institutions, respect is an inseparable dimension of all relationships. This is the way of acting and being that guides everything we do.

Client satisfaction
DPF would not exist without its clients. This may seem obvious, but it is a fact that every member of the company keeps in mind while going about his or her business. Every day, we endeavour to respond to the requests of our clients in an impeccable manner, and we work on building long-term partnerships..

Innovation is a feature of all our activities, and plays a major role in our performance, which we focus on environmental protection. Innovation in terms of services, products and team management is something that helps us grow.



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