Products arrive by pipeline, tanker ships and barges. More than 4500 km3 moved through the pipelines in 2013, a volume that entails no less than 650 operations every year through the network of the SPMR company (Société du Pipeline Méditerranée Rhône).

The maritime reception by tanker ships which have a capacity of 2000 to 120 000 tonnes, reached more than 3500 km3 in 2013. The option of unloading simultaneously 4 ships amounts to an average flow of 1500 m3/h..

More than 60 km3 arrive by river barge each year. The simultaneous unloading of two barges of 2000 tonnes amounts to an average flow of 750 m3/h.

Altogether, these different methods allowed the reception in 2013 of 8 million m3.


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